In South Korea! Updates to come but just wanted to put up a quick note to say that I got here safely.

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So, things have been completely out of the world this semseter. The amount of projects, assignments, and midterms I have going on are driving me up the wall. I'm sorry for not being around nor getting back into emails or anything, even though I said that I would. Even now, I should be working on genetics but just wanted to come on for a little bit and share some pics XD.

My reading week happens to start on Feb 23 so I'll be home for the week. Western is weird and is having it a week after everyone else's but at least I'll be able to come and visit some people while they're at school.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows is coming out July 21 this year so I should probably think about reading the sixth book soon. Haaa, I'm probably the most obsessed over HP and I still haven't read the sixth one? I'll get on that before the last book comes out XD.

It seems like I must go over to England now. I'm completely serious over here. Daniel Radcliffe's new play that just came out three days ago, Equus, has people going mad. Especially since Daniel goes completely bare for some time while on stage. There's a few things in life I want to do before I die, and right now that's on the top of it, is see Daniel Radcliffe naked. Hahahaha, it's all right, he's legal :P I swear, I don't remember seeing any 17-year-olds look like that before...

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I'm alive! XD

So the X-mas party shall be tomorrow, anytime after 6 PM? You guys can come earlier if you'd like but give me a call before then so I know when you'll be here. I have popcorn and water, but that's about it. Haaaa, I forgot to go out and buy some pop on my S.E.E trip today. If I have some time tomorrow, I'll try and run over and get some but I'll be really busy in the morning/afternoon....

If you have any problems with this, give me a reply back or just give me a call on my cell. I'll see you all tomorrow then!

Snow Day!!!

That is right, Western has an official snow day and it's the first day of exams! Lucky for the people that had their exams today since that's not the case anymore! Especially for the people that weren't ready for it. Haaaa, if only my calculus exam was today, I would be so so happy. Then again, I don't really want my exam to be pushed back. I want to come home on the 18th!

It's been snowing like crazy over here! Non-stop since yesterday (I'm completely serious about that fact ;;;;) and now we have about 3 feet in snow!!! How's it looking where people are at?

This shall be a quick note since even though it's a snow day and I should be running around outside, I still have my exam tomorrow and I'm not completely prepared for it, though at least it's at night so I still have some time before then to get to know all my stuff.

For the X-mas party, what do people think about having it on the 21th and at my place? If you have any problems with that, put a note in here or just email me. We'll work things out then but don't expect a quick answer from me. The next week and a half shall be hell for me and I don't know how much time I'll have to come online.

Curse you VIA station!

So, I just missed my train back home, which is completely horrible. While I was reserve my ticket a few days ago, they told me to come to the station about 30 minutes before the train was to leave to pick up my ticket. I've always done so and have never missed a train before. But today the line for getting the tickets were the worst I've ever seen them, and I've seen pretty bad before during Thanksgiving and all that.

I was really surprised about the number of people that still haven't been able to get their tickets when the train finally left. All of us were making up situations to try and get the train to delay a bit. Decided that calling in a bomb threat would have worked well XD.

Still coming home tonight, though it shall be much later on around 9:00pm, I think. This is the last time that I shall be coming home until the end of my exams, which is on Dec 18th. I want to rest a bit since the next month shall suck out my soul. I don't know how I'm going to come out of it alive and with any sanity left. Biochem (50%), evolution (60%), and organic chemisty (50%) exams all in a span of 4 days....

Stupid Bishi! Shouldn't you be studying?......But Deathnote!!!

Deathnote's first episode was shown last week in Japan. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME??? I HAVE MID-TERMS TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!

Ahhhh, sorry about that. I love, love Deathnote and knew for a whlie that they were going to be making it into an anime. Finally! The manga is finished and you have two live action movies about it already! But I didn't know that it was going to be released so soon!

I haven't been on the computer much this whole week (I've been living in the library...) and with my mid-terms in my mind like a big black cloud, I haven't really thought about it. But I wanted to give myself a bit of a break tonight since I just finished my calculus exam last night and have just gotten back from the library right now, when I looked into it to see how the opening to be like. Since, you know, I didn't want to watch the whole episode yet. I am planning to do that after my exams, thanks.

I AM SO IMPRESSED. Like really. I don't know what I was expecting but the opening was so pretty! Go see for yourselves! Raito, L, Ryuk! I'm so happy with just the opening! Haha, don't kill my dreams and be shitty by being unfaithful to the manga! But from the pictures that I've seen, I think they did a good job so far!

Haaaa, now I feel like a dork XD. I don't think there's anyone on my friend's list that's interested in Deathnote, but I go on a big rant about it. Wahhhh, I should maybe think of finding more friends?

[EDIT]: Raito is played by Mamoru Miyano, past interesting voice: Riku from Kingdom Hearts (that's so hot XD) and he played Ishida Tetsu in The Prince of Tennis Musicals (I adore the PoT Musicals!!!) and L is played by Kappei Yamaguchi who has done so many series but a few that I loved was Ryuichi Sakuma in Gravitation and Inuyasha in Inuyasha.

This makes me so happy! Haaa, you can't go too wrong with the main characters' voices this good and cool! I don't even want to start thinking what they're going to do with the english when they bring it over. Cause it's a given fact that it'll be over here soon since Deathnote is so big! .....Okay, I'm done now.

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Happy Be-lated Birthday Nibbs!!!

So, it's the end of the long weekend and now I'm back at school. Sorry for not being able to hang out with people while I was at home, but it was Chuseok this weekend (the korean version of Thanksgiving) and so I was usually hanging out with family and what not. This weekend was about eating and having fun! Cause I'm clearly not going to be having fun for the next month as I have crazy amounts of work and mid-terms coming up. The first is calculus this Friday, which is horrible cause it's calculus.

The next time I shall be coming home is November 10, I think. I was planning for that Saturday to go over to Pmall and Metro Square. I know I've talked to some people about it and they like the idea. I was over at Metro Square this weekend cause I wanted to check out the Kikiwai closing sale that I saw they were having. Since I was over there to vist my grandparents anyways, my parents stopped by. Everything was on sale!!! It was happy times but sadly, I was only in there for about five minutes since we were a bit late to getting to dinner. The sale goes on unil Nov 20 or somewhere along there.

Since class starts sometime soon, it's the end here. I'm planning on living at the library for the next month, but people should still email me! *coughJescough* I like replying back during the short breaks that I'm hoping to have there. XD After sitting in a cubicle for a few hours, it seems jail-like.
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So we're back here at school again! I moved in on Monday and am semi finished unpacking now. I've been really putting it off, even though I hate the mess. Mostly I've been getting back together with my friends and going out but since classes tomorrow I really wanted to get some unpacking done. Haha, that just translates to me going on the internet. But I'm almost done! I think.

So this semester I got Biochemistry, Plant Development & Physiology, Calculus, Organic Chemistry, and Evolution. Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about those classes. Since my classes are pretty much in the mornings and the afternoons, I'll be studying inbetween classes and afterwards but I'm hoping to have the nights free for me to come onto the internet and bum around. Last year, all I did was go on the computer, but no more for this year. I have a friend, Cathy-san, that has the exact schedule as me (we planned this) so she's going to be pushing me a lot. I have a feeling that this year is going to be good, even with my crazy schedule.

Also in the morning, I'll be planning to wake up early so that I can go study some more Japanese and Korean everyday. I'm not sure how well I'm going to follow this plan but I'll have updates about how I do.

Ahhh, that's about it. I'll be coming home once a month but just this time, I'll be coming home next weekend just cause I've forgotten a bunch of things. Lol, think I can live without an alarm clock? Well, I have my cell phone so that'll have to do the job until then.

And textbooks? Fuck you.

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So, after playing around with my DVD burner yesterday, I found out that I can burn actually DVDs. Haha, so now I'm having a lot of fun with it though I can't decide for the life of me if I want to make all of FMA into DVDs or into dataDVDs now. It doesn't bother me about wasting DVDs since I sort of want them gone so I can buy the new printable ones but I still have about another 100 to go before then.

So peeps, is there anything that you guys want? Name a series and I'll see what I can do for you. Or maybe I'll just list off the things that I would be willing to burn off for you since I already have a bunch of stuff on the computer. I'll see if I'm able to burn them since I've only played around with making DVDs from .avi files so I'm not sure how well my .mkv and .ogm will work out. I really want to get all my stuff off the computer before I'm off to university again. Haha, though I've been getting back into downloading things again. I've forgotten how much fun being on mIRC is.

Other than that, summer is almost over which is a sad thought. I'm both excited and nervous to what the new year will bring. I'm really hoping to start with some new study habits and hope that they'll stick with me throughout the year. I don't want to be super stressed out once exams come again, just cause I didn't study at all. I'll be really happy to see all my friends again too. The only good thing about going back into Elgin is that I know a bunch of people that are going to be living there this year. Haha, a lot of study buddies for me!

I've downloaded Gackt's Live Tour 2005 Diabolos DVD but only watched bits and pieces of it cause it's 3 hours long and I haven't been in the mood to watch anything that long on my own. That man is far too pretty for the age that he is. *loves*

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Many people don't know this, but I have a slight obsession towards limited editions. The sad thing is that half the time I don't even care what it is. Maybe it's the fact that I have something that many people don't have? Who knows.

My parents are back from Korea! Since my brother and I were the ones to go and pick them up, we got there around 8:45 PM since their flight was to come at 8:50. Thankfully it arrived on time but, out of luck, my brother and I still had to wait for two hours for them to actually get out of there. I parked myself right up front of the window for the whole two hours, without moving. It was sort of embarrassing for my brother cause I wouldn't shut up.

The first moment I saw them, there was some frantic hand movements and loud noises coming out of me. My mom looked so different!! She got her hair all completely done up and she was wearing new clothes and everything! She looked about 10 years younger! Haha, dad was still dad as he didn't change at all. Though he did get some new glasses.

They had an amazing time over there and family members are doing good. The worst part of the trip was the fact that they weren't able to find my Moonchild photobook or DVDs. No worries, I plan to get them myself when I'm over there in Japan next year. Attack Japan indeed.

What they did bring back for me is 17893x more better. WTF?! Is that possible?! They got me a pretty Limited Edition Titanium Samsung Digimax i6 Haha, which is why I added the rant about the limited editions in the beginning. It's pretty, small, and seems to be more advance than my computer.

Once I actually learn how to use it, I shall take pictures of it. It's actually the first PMP technology to be released, which just means it's the only digital camera that can play movies on it and has also a built in MP3 player as well. Ahhh, it's so confusing. The worst part is that it's only released in Korea (I think?) and so instruction booklet is in Korean only. Ahhhh!! It gives me a headache trying to understand what they want me to know.

Okay, I'm done for now. I have to work tomorrow morning, so I shouldn't be on the computer right now. Ahhh.....